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I'm currently in the process of writing a book for young adults/teenagers and looking for a little bit of inspiration. I know the subject well enough but I've never really written before so this is all kind of new to me. I've thought about posting some of it here but I'm a little nervous to because it's not copyrighted yet and I do plan to try to get it published. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

A poem from years ago

G'day all
I wrote this poem about 25 years ago, and I just felt like sharing it with you all. If I remember right I wrote it for my first ever really case of love. I still remember the lasses name. Now does anyone else out there have poems for their first true love that they'd like to share?

Life and my love
So swiftly, silently, softly
Time goes passing by
When love touches me
The first thing I do is cry

Love seems like a fuse
Once sparked it begins to end
But when I wonder about the muse
My heart always seems to mend

While everyone around us
Is saying bigger, better, faster
All I want is laughter
Now and forever after

And this time to grasp
This bush of life and love
And to create a masterpiece
Not in their eyes, but mine.
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I'm a newbie to the group so I thought I'd stop by and say howdy and maybe leave a wee little poem for you. I guess you're wondering what I'm into well I like to write poetry, short stories, and screenplays and no I haven't sold anything yet. I am working on a kid’s book called the "High adventures of Monkey boy and Sunny Jim". I have about 75 pages written so far.

No for the wee poem I wrote this a few years ago now... it's all about a friend who got caught up in an Internet romance.

The System

I sit in front of this cold screen
Wondering if I will be seen,
I show happiness when I chat
I don't show my fears or wants
What would people say?
If they saw who I was, what would they say?
Would they still talk?
Over the lines, that sends my thoughts

Life changes, but stays the same.
I move on in life, but so many remain
They never change
They blame their families
For the shortcomings in their lives
When they should look at the screen
For the answers to there heart that aches
The system is to blame

Break downs that are caused by no love
The system is to blame,
It teaches us not to love, or to touch
We forget to care it's so easy
It's easier to love someone
That is nothing for then bytes
Then to speak to another
We turn into that cold machine

The system is to blame
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A war had started to decide the fate of the world. not many new about it becuase it had started in a remote part of the world. one girl had a vague idea but she could not put it in words. Her name is Kat she is good person goes to church and prays for the world. her friends Jen and Nicole thought she was crazy. one day they are walking to class. "Look i know what i saw ok i had a dream about a guy from a different planet." "Yeah right dude you should be carefull who you say that to." Jen looked at Nicole they both wanted to laugh at Kat but could not do it this close to class. "Look i can't explain it but it feels so real to me." "If it is real then write this stuff down and then take it to the science professor."

i don't know if it is any good i just started writing it last night.
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Hello everyone!

My name's Meg and I just joined...

I wrote a story for English last year that I just found again on my computer. My teacher told me to go have it published, but I never got around to it. I wanted to post it here to get second opinions and just see what other people think about it. It's kind long... not very. It's about a vampire if that intrests anyone.

So please, read and comments. I love feedback!

Sidenote: I'm also looking for a new title. I had to give it one to turn it in so I just put in one. If one strikes you feel free to tell me!

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I'm an extension 2 english student in australia and I recently finished my major work. I wish I had known of this community earlier so I could have gotten some feedback when I was writing the goddamn thing, but hey, procrastination on the net is called procrastination because it is utterly useless, not because you find wonderful writing communties. Someone once tried to tell me that procrastination was a good thing because it stimulates the subconscious. Uhuh. Denial.

So I am posting my piece here.

To give you an idea of what it is about:

TITLE: Dance the Body Politic
LENGTH: About 6700 words. So you might want to avoid it.
SUMMARY: It's a piece of historical fiction concerning South African apartheid, and ultimately addresses the blatant prejudices that still exsst despite preventative legislation. I'm sorry about some of the formatting, I couldn't get it exactly the same and hence some parts may be a little confusing.

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i have been trying to think of new ideas to write about and i can't come up with much but i do have a little something so enjoy

once upon a time there was a girl she lived in a castle a nice castle jewel encrusted to be frank. but that is not the main point to this. her name is lila she is a princess. she grew up on t he planet earth. see not much but i am working on it.
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very small people

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