Jacques (lacombe) wrote in thewritersclass,

Invitation to join Brigits_Flame

G'day, All!

I'd like to invite anyone interested in a little friendly competitive writing to join in on the brigits_flame monthly writing contest! We have a great base of thoughtful, intelligent, and supportive members on the Flame. We're a great place to go to grow creatively, but also a very nice place to make new LJ friends and interact with caring, real people in a safe environment.

Here's a few great reasons to join brigits_flame:

1. Motivation to do your best: With a monthly contest and 50% eliminations each week until week 4, the competition is tight! You'll have to write your best to keep in the runnings!

2. Weekly Editing: Anyone who writes on the topic is invited to sign up for editing from two of our team of editors. They'll give you solid, constructive feedback in a thoughtful and professional fashion.

3. Daily Chatter Posts: Get to know a great, supportive, and intelligent base of members through sharing and discussion in our daily posts. Topics range from lighthearted to intense debate, depending on the day.

4. Moderators who care: We have active, organized, engaged moderators who _listen_ and are there to respond to any questions or concerns you may have.

5. Great reading: There's some excellent stuff being presented to the community every week! If you're looking for some great reading material, this is definitely the place!

6. A Community YOU Own: Members make this community! We have customized community artwork, volunteer editors, even our own web site, all created by our members working together. You're as involved in the process as you want to be!

Whether you're writing fiction, poetry, fanfiction, nonfiction, or writing a memoir, your writing is welcome! We're a well-established, stable community running for its 16th month this April! We hope to see you there! ^_^

Brigits_Flame Banner:  Click here to sign up!

Click on the banner above to join the September Contest! Signups run until 8pm EST, September 2!

Check out our Web Site or read more about the community in our FAQ!
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