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My book "Archangelo"

I had rounded the corner of the museum and my eyes caught his tall slender figure in a narrow ally.  His body was hunched over looking at something.  He’s eyes were wide and the gold tint glowed unnaturally like nothing I had ever seen before.  His lips were drawn back and his teeth were showing as he sniffed around look for something as if he were a cat hunting out a mouse. He wasn’t as beautiful as I remembered him in the museum when he was in this state.  As I moved to the left a little to get a better look at him my eyes fell on the object he had been focused on.  It was a little thing hidden behind the dumpster but I couldn’t quiet make it out.  As I took a step closer to examine what it was my heart sank as I could now make out the figure.  It was the little girl who my mother and I had been on the tour bus with earlier that day.  She had sat right next to me and my mother on the way home on the bus.  She was the little girl that had shivered at the breeze as it passed through her hair on the top of the bus.  I gave her my scarf to wear but I had forgotten about it until I saw it laying on the ground beside her.  I stared at her, praying that she would speak, move, smile but she did nothing.  Her long blond curly hair was tousled around her little shoulders.  She had to be no more then five years old and now her life had ended without even beginning.  Where was her parents to protect her?  Why was she alone?  Did Angel do this?  Something bothered me about this picture though.  Angel got to his knees besides her and lifted her lifeless body to him.  Her arms swung there like a branch of a tree swaying in the wind.  Her head slowly fell back from the rest of her body with little resistance.  Her brought the little girls body to his and I saw him embrace it in a hug.  He brushed her hair back from her face and I swore I could see I tear glisten down his face as the street light curved around the corner of the ally. 

I was frightened by this image as it dawned on me that this beautiful innocent little girl was dead, by which means I did not know.
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