carlosn (carlosn) wrote in thewritersclass,

death in the family

My muse come’s and goes

While creatures walk along thickets of wet muddy green

Vines dangle off power lines

I have a wish to swing from one like Tarzan

In my dreams I would not be harmed

But I do not dream


Long empty Sunday roads

Yellow triangle, “death in the family” signs

I don’t know what happened to their baby

I don’t want to know


I’m writing a story about it

Mists come and go from darlings pictures

People in cars smoking cigarettes

Don’t see their loved ones sitting next to them

They would not want to


Eyes set in the back of their skulls

Hair falling off in tiny, brittle fragments

Barely held on by rosy peeling skin

No lips and bared teeth

No eyelids, tearless glistening eye's moisture


Let me sugar coat it for you

Everything is ok

Lets all believe in happy Saturdays

Swimming pools of endless summers

No cold, Hawaiian romance

Caribbean dreams

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