jabras_woman (jabras_woman) wrote in thewritersclass,

here is a revised version of the same story i posted earlier.

the year 2007 the place Rome Italy. its around oh i don't know 2:00 its cloudy. the clouds look like ice cream cones. (you can say they look like what ever you want to me they look like ice cream cones.) The sun peaks in and out of the clouds like a child playing hide and seek. the streets are crowded with tourists going from shop to shop like cattle going to the slaughter. it is sickening how tourists spend their money on trinkets that their friends may or may not put out for other people to see. Forgive me i forgot my manners. My name is Kyle. i am male i live alone and i drink blood for diner and well all the time i guess. i am walking the streets of Rome nothing better to do on a Monday afternoon. nothing happening in the underworld at this point. my Friend Kat is off on one of her adventures. don't ask me where she goes she won't tell me.
I don't know why i bother sometimes to tell all of this. you already knew i was a vampire. My friends handy work. that is all i am going to say for now.. So i don't always say much about what happened to me or why it hapened. I know why in my one moment of weakness i asked for this. I aksed to become a vampire. i find a bench that is not occupied by the cattle i mean tourrists i meant to say tourrists you know that don't you? good. i sit tis by a foundtain. one of many don't ask me about how many fountains are in rome i don't know. I don't care how many fountains are in rome its not my problem to count the fucking things. There is a new smell in the air don't ask me about the smell i don't want to describe it if i do i will throw up my last meal and since i am a vampire that won't be much.
I don't usually come out but as its cloudy i decided instead of brooding the day away like i usually do while my friend is gone. i came out to see the the cattle i mean people are doing. It is hard to be me and yet not be me. don't ask me to explain that you are human so i don't have to explain it to you. you are nothing but food i mean forget it i meant food.
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