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A little help?

I do apologize if your eyes crosses this exact entry more than once. I don't believe i have quite mastered the livejournal other than knowing my rough intentions in mind and well, trying the best i can to achieve it ^_^;;

I am a student from Monash University and in my Feature Writing Class, we were asked to prepare a News Feature on a topic of choice. Well, that combined with my current interest with fanfiction, i thought it perfect to write a piece on fanfic writers. I think i have read some interesting stories of fanfic writers via their brief author's notes and wish to go indepth with the subject.

One of the stories i've read was written by a dyslexic woman and another was a grade school teacher supporting yaoi ^_^;;. Writers who are unfamiliar with a foreign language but chose to write and pursue their ideas for the sake of fanfiction.

If you have a story to tell of your experience with fanfiction and wish me to interview you, please drop me a line. If there be a way for me to contact either of the above, please let me know as well.

On an offside, who would you consider to be the most well-known writer in the fanfic-verse?

A reply, any reply would be nice.
Many apologies once again and~


P.S. Just pushing this in the clear, if you do not wish to be named and remain anonymous, i would be more than happy to arrange it.
P.P.S. If you live in Malaysia and you're willing to be interviewed, drop me a line at the e-mail as well.

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