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hi im callie and i want to know what you think of my writing!

This will be my first ficticious biography story. hope you enjoy! It's about a girl named Kris and she's 17.

This is a journal that is there for one purpose: to help me figure out where it all went wrong.

Age 15.
I tried to run, but something was keeping me down, keeping me from basically moving. It was that stupid new dress Mom bought. It was pink and way too tight. It had frills and lace and poofy-ness. Mom had begged me to wear it, to just try it on. So I did. Just because I'm a good person. Well, screw that. I am not wearing this dress any longer. Underneath the dress, I was wearing short shorts and a tank top. Mom and Dad were busy entertaining guests, so I took that opportunity to run in the bathroom and take the monsterous dress off. Once that mission was completed, I darted my head around the bathroom door. Mom and Dad were giving the Jonsons the tour of the upstairs, so my chance was now or never. I had no friends in my mission, only enimies. My mission was to run away. I was leaving this wretched Hell behind and starting anew. Fat chance of that happening according to plan. So I darted around the guests, accidentally running straight into my crush; who was there with his parents. I was terribly embarrassed. I had had a crush on him since I was 13. He stared at me until I squirmed. Since I couldn't just run past him now, I said, "Hi. Bye." Then I ran past him, jerked up my suitcase, and ran out the door. That went real smooth. Except that he followed me. "Hey, wait up!" he had shouted. I thought about stopping and waiting but I decided it would be better to just keep going. He caught up with me and grabbed my hand to stop me. I paused, turned around, and he said, "I just wanted to..." His sentence ran off and he brushed his fingers through my hair. He stared into my eyes, then gently leaned forward until his lips were pressed against mine. My eyes grew wide and I stared at him in shock, but I was sort of happy. He finally pulled away after about a mintute of just his lips pressed on mine. "Kristyann...I'm sorry. I don't know what I was thinking and if you want to kick me out of your dinner party then I wouldn't-" I cut him off. "Call me Kris. And it's not bad, I should invite you to more dinner parties." He laughed and held my hand to his chest. I saw his parents coming outside. "Your parents are looking for you. I suppose you have to go." <the mushy stuff ends soon> He glanced behind him and then turned back to me. He kissed me again, longingly, and walked away into the fading sunset, waving. He had put something in my hand before he left and I supposed now would be as good a time as any to see what it said. It read:
Call me sometime, please?
Nicholas Jude
I guessed I would call him when I got to a phone, but right now a taxi was waiting for me two houses down so I had to get going. My parents came out of the house, seeing some guests off. I darted away towards the taxi before they could see me. Once I got in the taxi, the driver asked me where to go. I told him to go to the nearest city's closest hotel and he started the meter. I'm not sure how the ride went because I went to sleep after about 5 minutes. But once I got there, the night guy at the hotel said that all the rooms were full but I could sleep in the lobby. I wasn't in the mood to argue so I crashed on the couch.
I woke up to people chattering about a homeless person sleeping on the couch in the lobby.
"Look! It's up!" shouted some guy who was with a group of people that were all staring at me.
"What? I'm a girl you idiot!" I shouted back. Then I got up and everyone stepped back. 
"I'm NOT homeless and I'm only sleeping on the couch because you bed hogs took all the rooms!" 
But the only reaction I got from that was, "Look! It talks!" People are so ignorant. I just pushed past them and walked outside, still with my suitcase. Then I remembered that I forgot to change my clothes. So I went into the nearest store, and it turned out to be a butcher shop. I asked to use the rest room and it was so filthy I decided to go somewhere else.
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